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We Help You Keep Your Working Capital

Commercial Capital Company provides flexible short and long term equipment lease financing options for many different industries including office, medical, architecture, engineering & construction, manufacturing & material handling, communication industry as well as a variety of other equipment. Stay competitive for those upcoming projects and get the job done with the purchase of new or used equipment. Your cash flow remains untouched and available for other profitable purposes.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3!

Gain The Competitive Edge

For many business owners, buying and maintaining expensive equipment is not a feasible option. The expense of staying up-to-date shouldn’t break your budget or deter you from acquiring new or used equipment. Preserve your working capital with our custom financial solutions which are tailor made to your situational needs.

Leasing equipment or financing your next project through Commercial Capital offers business owners and equipment vendors the option to be flexible, and creative with their cashflow in the ever-changing world of technology. Leasing new or used equipment at CCCKC allows a company to stay at the forefront of their industry, landing more projects with the confidence that you have the latest equipment or technology you need on hand.

Types Of Equipment Leases

We provide a wide variety of lease types from which to choose. At Commercial Capital Company we have a team of experienced lease financing experts that are dedicated to providing individual businesses and equipment vendors the best lease-financing option possible. We offer a fast and easy application to get you the equipment or capital you need now.

The process is simple call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our leasing experts or get started now and apply online by submitting a secure application.

The Benefits of Leasing Equipment

Preserve Your Cash Flow
When leasing, you need only a minimal initial investment to get the equipment you need and you can spread your payments out over time allowing you to preserve your working capital for the operation and growth of your business.

Increase Flexibility
Your equipment needs will change as your business grows. With equipment leasing, you have the option to take on additional equipment or upgrade the equipment you currently possess. Ask about a Master Lease.

Always Up-To-Date
Your equipment never becomes obsolete because you can get the newest technology when your lease expires.

Tax Deductions
Take advantage of the tax deduction limits for equipment as set out in Section 179 of the US tax code. In some cases, as much as 100% of the equipment cost, up to a specified limit, can be deducted from your taxable income.

Well Balanced
When structured properly, leases may not be disclosed as a liability on your balance sheet. This allows your company a better chance to obtain or increase your line of credit at a bank.

Maintain Your Credit
Choosing to lease your equipment allows you to keep your available credit line open for operations and short-term financing.

Easy Approval
Avoid the strict requirements and long wait associated with traditional financing. Our simple online application takes only a few minutes to complete. You can be approved quickly and get the equipment lease financing your business needs right away!

Lease any type of new, used or secondary lines of equipment needed for the operation of your business.  Give Commercial Capital a Call … let us show you what we can to do to help your business grow!

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