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Equipment Lease Options & Terms

$1 Buyout

Also called abandonment lease , Capital lease, lease to purchase where the lessee at the end of lease term owns the equipment for $1 or 10% purchase agreement. Use this option to cover 100% of the purchase price, taxes, shipping and have your equipment pay for itself whether the equipment is new or used.


Fair Market Value

Also called True Lease , at the end of the lease term the lessee has the option to purchase, upgrade, return or continue to lease the equipment. Use this lease option for off balance sheet accounting, it can cover 100% of the purchase price, taxes, shipping and lowers your monthly payments on new and used equipment.


Municipal Lease

Compatible with State, City, County, School District, & Government Agency Requirements. Use this lease option for essential-use equipment, at attractive rates, with ownership at the end of the lease.


VBB (Vendor Buy Back)

Also called Purchase upon termination, Vendor owns the equipment at the end of the lessee lease term. For when you the vendor wants to own your customers equipment at the end of the customers lease term. Use this option to build profits, Provides vendor with quality used equipment at a fraction of wholesale cost.

Number one reason to offer a lease option…It Accelerates Your Sales Cycle

(Lease terms offered: 12 months thru 60 months)


Commercial Capital Makes It Easy for Vendors to Include Cost Per Copy for Their Lease Financing Customers

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