How Can It Benefit Your Company?

A Master Lease is similar to a “line of credit” to purchase equipment or other assets, in support of business growth. A Master Lease is an umbrella lease that covers multiple leases for different equipment purchased at different times. A Master Lease makes it easier on business owners as they will only have to pay one lease invoice every month, and have consolidated itemized billing. You can purchase new equipment within the allotted timeframe without having to go through the underwriting process more than once.





What is a Master Lease Schedule?

A Master Lease Schedule is an additional lease that is placed under the umbrella of the Master Lease. Each additional 1-page schedule carries the same account number as the Master Lease, but may have differing terms to suit your business needs.

What is a Master Lease Invoice?

A Master Lease Invoice includes all of the schedules in an itemized view.

When any individual schedule is paid off, that schedule’s original amount becomes available to use on the Master Lease line again. The Master Lease does not expire and when new equipment is financed, there is no need to renegotiate lease terms, as a new 1-page schedule is simply added to the Master Lease – thus, minimal paperwork and no headaches.

Commercial Capital Company works with customers to help them facilitate and accommodate their needs for future growth. Think of Commercial Capital Company as a dedicated team member, focused on being an integral part of your ongoing business growth and development planning. Commercial Capital Company also makes lease financing easier by offering online ACH/e-check and Credit Card lease payments (credit card payment incurs a 3% service fee).

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