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Customers who lease finance a copy machine often have the software, cost per copy and maintenance along with the financing payment for their equipment. While working directly with the vendors, Commercial Capital Company, in Kansas City incorporates all the above into one monthly invoice.

The Convenience for Vendors Encompassing Cost Per Copy Through CCCKC

Cost Per Copy, also called Facility Management Program, Print for Pay or Cost Per Print is a service that is provided to businesses when utilizing a large format printer for their company such as Canon, HP, Ricoh, Epson, Xerox and other brands. Depending on the printer and the amount of ink and toner used, will affect the price of the Cost per Copy.

When a vendor sells or finances printer equipment directly to the customer, many times there are financing and other charges that include routine maintenance, software if applicable and cost per copy for color and black/white printing. This can be done using one of CCCKC’s promotions or a fair market value or vendor buy back lease.

How Commercial Capital Assists Their Reprographic Vendors

CCCKC helps their vendors lease to reputable customers by running them through the D&B (Dun & Bradstreet) with a quick credit appraisal and confirm the customers overall credit worth. If the customer comes back with less than desirable credit worth, CCCKC will alert the vendor and suggest possibly a shorter lease term. CCCKC does not advise the vendors with these decisions, but makes them aware of what historically, through Dun and Bradstreet, the company’s credit worth looks like.

Payment of Equipment Options & Preferred Vendor Pricing

The lease financing contract through Commercial Capital can be completed with a one-page lease agreement and can be added to an existing master lease as a line itemed schedule. All CCCKC needs is the location of the equipment, the description and cost per sq. ft color and black/white copy. This makes it easier for the vendor and they only receive one bill each month. The vendor can choose how they would like to submit payment to CCCKC. They can do ACH, paper check or an electronic invoice. The terms and leases can be different for the equipment. Vendors can do Dollar Buyouts $1 buyout, or a set balloon at the end of the term. It depends on the type and cost of the equipment they are lease financing.

Every month on a set day, the vendor emails CCCKC the printer meter reading and the print for copy cost is added to the invoice before it goes out to the customer.

If the vendor has purchased the equipment, CCCKC at no charge to the vendor, does a passthrough. For example, a customer, whose equipment cost $100 and cost per copy is $150, CCCKC does a passthrough of $100 to the vendor.

Commercial Capital offers a Vendor Buy-Back (VBB) program allowing dealers/vendors more control of their sale cycle. This allows customers to either renew their existing lease or upgrade to a newer equipment model. Vendor Buy-Back allows vendors to increase their used equipment inventory while assisting smaller companies with lower cashflow purchase or lease printer equipment.

**Ink service and paper are included in a separate agreement through the vendor.

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