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Regardless of where you are buying your construction equipment, we can provide fast, cost effective financing with competitive rates. Aquire the equipment that gets the job done and gets you paid. Leasing is an effective financial strategy that keeps you geared up and competitive.


Top 5 Reasons To Lease Construction Equipment


1. Hedge Against Inflation

Both new and used equipment costs will increase as we move further into the second quarter. Bank rates will be higher, too. So whether you’re paying cash or financing, waiting is costly. The time is now for the lowest equipment pricing and financial rates.

2. Keep Your Cash

The future is difficult to predict. Protect your fluidity and use it to run your business. It may be difficult to find room in a budget for the cost of equipment among other fixed expenses (payroll, office space, etc.) and unexpected expenses (repairs, surprises during a contract, etc.). You know what they say, “Cash is King!

3. Best In Class Equipment

Leasing allows you to buy the equipment best suited for the job and not best suited for your budget. Rather than individually buying new equipment in full, which can be expensive and inefficient, leasing allows a company to use up-to-date technology and equipment without paying for it all at once and risking the health of their cash flow.

4. Good To Grow

Leasing provides the equipment needed for growth without sacrificing your cash flow and allows you to be more nimble and capable when pursuing new projects. Purchasing does the exact opposite. Taking the cash flow hit may reduce your ability to acquire new business.

5. Beat The Taxman

If your business is having a banner year and you don’t want the tax man to take his maximum cut, leasing may allow you to deduct the entire equipment cost using Section 179. The amount you save in taxes may in fact exceed the lease payments which makes this very attractive to the bottom line. View tax calculator. Chances are you may be able to get more than you think, especially when you consider the tax benefits ofSection 179.

The Bottom Line

Evaluate the state of your current equipment inventory to determine if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. Create an ideal wish list of necessary equipment then discuss your options with an equipment financing expert from Commercial Capital.

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