Keep Your Capital And Grow Your Business

Small business owners know it’s essential to have the right equipment to operate efficiently.

Whether you need vehicles for transportation, forklift for moving materials or an oven for your restaurant, an equipment lease is worth serious consideration.

Owners don’t have to purchase every piece of equipment they need. Leasing is an attractive option for businesses who don’t want to sacrifice their capital on purchasing equipment, yet still need to expand their operations. They may preserve their cash flow using a lease or even a master lease for multiple equipment purchases.


Top 3 Reasons To Apply For An Equipment Lease


1. Hedge Against Inflation

In regards to policy, Federal Reserve officials recently acknowledged that inflationary pressures are likely here to stay. The Fed is now expected to end quantitative easing earlier than planned and raise interest rates at least once by mid-2022. Multiple rate hikes in 2022 are possible, particularly if job growth stays on track.

Both new and used equipment costs will increase as we move into the second quarter. Loan rates will be higher, too. So whether you’re paying cash or financing, waiting is costly. The time is now for the lowest equipment pricing and financial rates.

Funding necessary equipment now is the best hedge against rising prices and rates. “Locking in” is a sound strategy. By financing now, you’ll set a more favorable rate and get more for your equipment dollar.

2. Increased Revenue

More equipment allows businesses to handle more projects simultaneously and increase income. For example, manufacturing can improve capacity and output with additional equipment to meet the increasing demand of the consumer market. Putting your new equipment to work more than pays for itself.

3.Replace Worn Out Machinery

Continuing to use outdated equipment could result in operational setbacks, decreased results, and customer dissatisfaction that could harm your brand.

Perhaps your business could benefit from having newer, higher quality equipment. Traditional funding may require a prohibitive downpayment and cut too deeply into your working capital. The flexible financing options offered by Commercial Capital’s leasing experts may provide solutions that allow you to keep your cash for other expenses and let you acquire the equipment you need in short or order.

The Bottom Line

Evaluate the state of your current equipment inventory to determine if anything needs to be fixed or replaced. Create an ideal wish list of necessary equipment then discuss your options with an equipment financing expert from Commercial Capital.

Chances are you may be able to get more than you think, especially when you consider the tax benefits of Section 179.

The amount you save in taxes may in fact exceed the payments which makes leasing equipment very attractive to the bottom line.

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