Office Furniture Financing

Office Equipment Types

We can customize an office equipment financing solution for your organization. By keeping costs as low as possible through smart financing, a company can afford better office equipment, and reap the benefits of a more efficient workplace, without a large monthly payment. We offer flexible office equipment leasing terms which allow for customized payment schedules and differing buyout options.

Make Your Office More Efficient With:

  • Photocopy Machines
  • IT and Networking Workstation (may include software)
  • Phone Systems
  • Printers
  • Fax Machines
  • Scanners

…and anything else you need to make your office run more efficiently. 


Take The Tax Break

Section 179 is a tax incentive that allows small businesses to write off the entire purchase price of qualifying equipment in the year it was purchased. The benefits of Section 179 are dramatic for small businesses which use leasing to acquire their equipment.

Financing Promotions

Leasing solutions for new and used equipment.

Office Furniture Leasing Options

Types Of Lease Options Available

  • 24-60 Month
  • Seasonal Payment Plans
  • Deferred Payments – 60, 90, or 120 days
  • Lease to Own
  • Dollar Buy Out Options
  • Fair Market Value
  • Vendor Buy Back

Commercial Capital Company, LCC offers 100% financing that means you can wrap ALL of your costs into your lease financing, including delivery and installation/setup costs! CCCKC is also known for its “Good Clean Leases.” We have NO additional hidden fees. Need help getting rid of your old office furniture? CCCKC can provide professional referrals for companies specializing in removal and/or resale of old office furniture.

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