Large Format Printing Lease Financing

Large format printers, also called wide-format or grand printing are ideal for large printing projects like wallpaper designs, posters for residential, advertising and commercial use, banners, vehicle image wraps, tradeshow graphics, building blueprints and more.

There are many benefits to an in-house large format printer. Most of the time, print projects are planned and designed out. There are times when a rush job is required. Printing in-house eliminates the need to be on a print shops time schedule and increase the turn-around speed of time-sensitive material.

It costs less to have an in-house large format printer. There is an upfront cost of the equipment, but the savings of up-charged printing, paper and ink will balance the cost out. If you are looking to purchase a large format printer, check out our quarterly promotions. Pick the one that will save your company the most money and lease or purchase the equipment at that time.

Brands of Large Format Printers

  • Brother
  • Canon
  • CET Color
  • Colortrac
  • Contex
  • Epson
  • Fujifilm
  • HP
  • iECHO (flatbed cutters)
  • Mimaki
  • Océ
  • Ricoh
  • Roland
  • Vanguard

Commonly Used Inks for Large Format Printers

Aqueous Inkjet Printing: Aqueous printers use water-based ink and eco-friendly to the environment. There are no harmful fumes when utilizing the printer, which allows the printer to be set up in any office space without ventilation. Aqueous inkjet does require a special coating to be mixed into the ink to adhere specific paper used with this type of inkjet printing. This type of inkjet is commonly used for indoor printing.

Latex Inkjet Printing: Latex printers are water-based and do not emit any harmful chemicals when printing, so extra ventilation is not required. Latex ink does require a heating element to increase the drying speed of the ink. This type of printing is commonly used for indoor and outdoor print projects.

Solvent Inkjet Printers: Solvent Inkjet printers are chemical-based and good ventilation is a must. Solvent printers can “etch” the design onto the canvas. This type of printing is commonly used for vehicle graphics, outdoor banners, and out types of print jobs that have the potential to be exposed to outdoor weather elements.

UV Inkjet Printers: This type of ink is cured by UV light. This makes the print media waterproof and vibrant. This type of printing is used for ceramics, glass, wood material and other printing projects requiring an extra layer of protection from the outdoor elements.

For Vendors

Commercial Capital Company, LLC also offers a vendor buy-back (VBB) program allowing dealers/vendors to have control of their “sales cycle.” This option also allows their customers to either renew their existing lease or upgrade to newer equipment models. The vendor buy-back program helps both the vendor and the end customer. This is extremely helpful to vendors who want to build up their in-house supply of equipment to support print for pay services. Additionally, this allows dealers/vendors to maintain used equipment inventory to lease or lease to own to smaller companies that cannot incur the expense of brand-new equipment.

Commercial Capital Company, LLC has your companies’ best interest at heart. Request a meeting with Commercial Capital Company and let us show you how lease financing can help put your business on the fast track to more.

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