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Leasing can provide you with flexible terms and payments. Below are some things to consider when contemplating Lease vs Buy.

Commercial Capital’s lease financing allows businesses of all types and sizes to obtain the materials they need to keep their operations up-to-date while maintaining cash flow. With equipment leasing, businesses can finance 100 percent of their equipment purchase. CCCKC offers flexible monthly payments, which means businesses can enjoy improved cash flow while keeping equipment up to date.


Leasing Basics

At the most basic level, a lease is an agreement in which a leasing company, such as Commercial Capital, gives a customer the right to use its equipment for a specified length of time and specified payment.

At the end of a capital lease the equipment is yours for $1

When an operating lease ends, the customer can purchase, return or continue to lease the equipment, depending on the specifics of the lease.


Businesses Who Lease with CCCKC vs. the Competitor

CCCKC provides a wide range of equipment leasing, including reprographics equipment leasing, medical equipment leasing, fabrication equipment leasing, material handling equipment leasing, office equipment leasing and computer networking equipment leasing. It’s leasable if it is essential for your business.

More than 80 percent of American businesses in all fields lease at least one equipment purchase. Thirty-five percent of all business equipment is leased. With capital equipment leasing, businesses can lease anything they need to run their businesses, from the specialized equipment for their fields to basic office equipment, software and communications systems. Even the costs of installation and consultation can be leased.

Commercial Capital provides leasing nationwide.


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