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2016 National NBT60 Boom Crane on Kenworth Chassis (209)


Category:  Transportation
Make: Kenworth 


Year:  2016
Mileage/Hours: Truck Miles = 21,337, Engine Hours = 2,607,  Crane Hours = 1,821 


Cranes certified by Custom Truck to May 2022! DOT certified by Custom Truck to May 2022! Two-Year Extended Warranty Available!

2016 National NBT60 Boom Crane on Kenworth Chassis – Advanced technology and street-smart design – sloped hood, fuel-efficient drive train, aerodynamic options, unconventional maneuverability and high-style livability –make a T800 the perfect do-anything road warrior.

PRICE: $475,000

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The T800 incorporates advanced steering geometry that produces maximum wheel cut and a tight turning circle – even with flotation-type tires and front drive axle configurations. That advantage, plus a dramatically sloped hood and strategically placed, generously sized windows can increase driver confidence in tight situations.

Kenworth’s QuietCab® incorporates a high-tech sound barrier to greatly reduce interior noise – welcome relief from the din of backhoes and bulldozer tracks

Kenworth applies sophisticated ergonomic principles and state-of-the-art technologies to create trucks that are easier and safer to drive. Multi-function steering wheel, clutchless automated and automatic transmissions, multiplexed instrumentation and wireless communication systems all contribute to less fatiguing, more productive operation.

Kenworth’s Multi-function Highline Display provides the driver with important real-time information on truck performance. The touch of a button displays up-to-the-second readouts on cumulative trip fuel economy, optimum RPM for maximizing fuel efficiency, and system diagnostics (in language a lay person can understand).

From day one, Kenworth has engineered strong, lightweight trucks you can count on. Trucks with an unmatched ability to stay together, do the job, cost less to maintain and pay back their investments. • Just slam the door on a 10-year-old T800 mixer to see what we mean. Chances are it feels as solid as the day the truck left the factory. Legendary for its longevity and integrity, Kenworth’s conventional cab combines aluminum and fiberglass in a Huckbolted assembly that’s practically corrosion-proof and rattle-free. • Then there are all the little things you might not notice that help keep big things from going wrong. Wiring and plumbing bundled together and mounted high in the frame, safe from chafing, road salts or washing acids. Rubber-bushed shackle pins and bushings to extend suspension life and improve steering. Constant torque hose clamps. Radiator tie rods mounted to frame – not the cab – for longer radiator life. And so much more. • It’s this kind of attention to detail that keeps you moving ahead. Day in, day out.