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Category:  Material Handling

Model: ETG-235-36V

Year:  2012
Mileage/Hours: 2006

36 Volt AC Technology. Outstanding residual capacity – even with double depth stacking. Highest handling turnover rates through superior lift speeds. Significantly higher driving safety and comfort due to Jungheinrichs ProTrac suspension system. Superior energy efficiency due to perfect balancing of all powertrain components.

PRICE:  $8,000.00
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High residual capacity, high performance, an innovative suspension system and superior energy efficiency are only some of the strengths of the new Jungheinrich ETR pantograph reach trucks of series 2 and 3. Whether for handling pallets or operating in drive-through and drive-in racking, whether for extremely narrow areas, low clearances or for single shift or multishift applications: The series 2 and 3 pantograph reach trucks are the perfect solution for every application.

The main advantages:

• For deep (2 pallets depth) reach applications (ETR 335d only) at lift heights of more than 10 m the residual capacity is well above 1000 kg.

• In addition to a substantial increase in overall stability the newly developed ProTrac suspension system generates a high level of driving safety and comfort, especially in corners and on rough floors. This performance helps to boost the drivers confidence while operating the truck, leading to higher productivity.

• Outstanding material handling throughput is achieved by combining excellent acceleration and the highest lift speeds on the market.

• Options like the fork camera, which allows for safe and efficient load handling at great lift hights, further enhance productivity.

• Remarkable energy efficiency is accomplished by a perfectly balanced setup of all powertrain components as well as the sophisticated Jungheinrich AC technology. This enables operators to run two consecutive shifts on a single battery charge.

• The compact design allows for working aisle widths as narrow as 2.652 mm (ETR 230).

• A wide range of baseleg openings, battery compartments and load wheel configurations facilitate optimum customization of the truck to the specific requirements of each material handling operation. In addition, there are numerous options and assistance systems available so that we are able to offer exactly the right ETR for your individual application!

Deep reach applications

Deep reach racking (2 pallets depth) is the strong point of the ETR 335d:

• The basic capacity of 1600 kg is available for shelf heights of up to 10 m - even on the back shelf.

• At the maximum lift height of 11.35 m loads of more than 1360 kg can be still handled in deep reach applications.

Highly Adaptable

The modular design of the ETR allows for customized solutions that fit virtually any application:

• 17 baseleg openings

• 9 load wheel configurations

• 21 different masts

• Either single or double deep pantographs

• An optional Drive & Lift Plus package (ETR 340/345/335d only)

• Choose from a multitude of many other options and assistance systems