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AVI Equipment

AVI (Audio Visual Interleave); a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft as a part of its Video for Windows software in 1992, helps companies and organizations stay connected via online conferences for training, presentation purposes and much more.


AVI Equipment: Connecting Businesses Locally & Internationally

Businesses can utilize AVI technology to create a sophisticated conference room, able to connect locally or globally for client meetings and training. AVI equipment allows companies to connect and share screens for a more personal feel and they can see who they are talking to, not only hear a voice.

Corporate Town Hall Presentations & Municipal City Hall Meetings

There are times when pertinent information needs to be shared within a large gathering. Town hall meetings and city presentations require the accessibility to share screens and highlight certain areas of the presentation during an open discussion.

Technology has advanced to allow for audience participation with applications or websites that create instant surveys to be tallied when taken on mobile devices. This kind of information is vital when large groups are discussing proposed venues, regulations or work-related changes that require company input.

AVI hardware and software consists of:

  • Audio Production Equipment
  • AV Furniture
  • Control Systems
  • Digital & Streaming Media Distribution Equipment
  • Displays, Monitors, and more…

Complex audio-visual equipment can be pricey and with technological advances, the ability to keep up with the technology can put a strain on a company’s cash flow. Commercial Capital Company, LLC believes that companies should have access to the equipment needed for their businesses to succeed and still be able to keep their cash flow a healthy priority. Commercial Capital works with audio-visual system vendors to ensure the technology and lease financing options fit companies’ needs.

Commercial Capital works with audio-visual system vendors to ensure the technology and lease financing options fit companies’ needs.

Commercial Capital’s leasing/purchasing options are known for their flexibility. Some basic parameters are:

  • New or used equipment
  • 24-60 month terms
  • 90-day deferred payment options
  • Lease-to-own
  • $1 buyout option

As tablets and smart phones have made it easier for individuals to connect, let Commercial Capital help your company connect – across town and across the world.

For further assistance, please contact any of our leasing specialists:

Commercial Capital Company, LLC
  Main Phone(913) 341-0053

“I have worked with Commercial Capital for a few years now, and I have not worked with people as dedicated to their clients as them. Commercial Capital assists each client with respect and dignity from the first phone call to the final signing of the lease and beyond. They work with each client to be able to purchase their hardware and software equipment needs to ensure their companies ability to succeed. Working with Commercial Capital makes my job working with each customer a bit easier.”

~ Mike Scott, Project Development/AVI Systems

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