Cleaning Up with Sweeper & Scrubber Equipment Leasing

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Commercial Capital Company, LLC partners with Midwest Sweeper & Scrubbers and offers a variety of equipment lease finance options. Sweepers/scrubbers come in many makes and models:

Factory Cat 34 Walk-Behind Sweeper
Factory Cat TR Rider Sweeper
Tennant S30 Rider Sweeper
Factory CAT GTX Rider Scrubber
Factory Cat MicroMag Walk Behind Scrubber
Factory Cat MiniMag Walk Behind Scrubber
Chemical Free stripping with Edge Technology

lease sweepers and scrubbers
Commercial Capital Company, LLC offers many different leasing options for your convenience:

24-60 month leases
90 days differed payment
Lease to own
Dollar Buy out option

Sweepers/scrubbers require regular maintenance. Midwest Scrubbers offers preventative maintenance packages that can be included into equipment leasing payments if need be.

Midwest Sweepers & Scrubbers, a Kansas City based equipment provider and a Commercial Capital Company Preferred Vendor, offers Power Cat Detergents that work best with these specific machines.  They also offer all types of Sweeper & Scrubber Rentals and Sales (new and used).

For more information about Sweeper & Scrubber Equipment Leasing contact Ryan North at Commercial Capital Company, LLC:

Ryan North

Sales Executive
  •   Direct:  (913) 945-4979
  •   Mobile:  (913) 709-5091
  •   Fax:  (913) 273-1536
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