Manufacturing & Fabrication Equipment 

All construction projects require fabricated material. From HVAC tubing, metal support beams, elevator shafts to custom architectural designs, fabrication and manufacturing equipment was utilized to create the finished product. Fabrication and manufacturing is done by cutting, bending and forming material into the desired shape to complete a project.

Common Fabrication and Manufacturing Equipment Includes but not limited to:

Band Saws: Horizontal/Vertical/Cold, Abrasive and Friction

  • Metal Cutting
  • Dual Column Structural
  • Miter
  • Pivot
  • Automatic
  • Hitch-Feed
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Computer-Controlled

Drill Press: Oscillating/Floor/Bench/Mounted

  • Drilling
  • Tapping
  • Milling
  • Boring
  • Reaming precise holes or depths

Drill Press Insertion Machines

  • Assembly/Installation

Drill Press: Mechanical/OBI/Straight Side

  • Stamping
  • Gap Frame Press
  • Two Point Gap Frame Press

Sheet Metal: Planishing/Combination Benders/Manual Bending Brakes/Metal Shears/Slip Rollers

Lathes: Bench/Milling & Drilling combos/JET Geared Head

Belt Grinders: Belt & Disc Sander/Square Wheel Belt Grinder

Deburring Polishing: Vibratory & Deburring Finish Tumbler

  • Sand
  • Finish
  • Tumble
  • Deburr
  • Grind
  • Also Known As: Belt/Pedestal Grinders, Shot Blasters

Shop Press: Arbor/Hydraulic/Turret Punches

  • Sheet Metal Punching
  • Computerized Control
  • Turret Housing Tools
  • Laser Punching

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Manufacturers that CCCKC will Lease Finance with includes, but not limited to:

·         Baileigh

·         DoAll

·         Ellis

·         Marvel Manufacturing Company, INC.

·         Clasuing/Ibarmia

·         Emmegi

·         Everett

·         IBP/Pedrazolli

·         Kaltenbach

·         Burr King

·         Falls Products, INC.

·         FEIN Power Tools, INC.

·         Gauer Metal Products, INC.

·         Lissmac

·         LS Industries

·         Timesavers, INC.

·         Viking Blast & Wash Systems

·         Benchmaster

·         Bentec

·         Berry Industries

·         Big Steel Rack

·         Comet Roll & Machine Company

·         Central West

·         CWP

·         DAVI

·         Custom Roll Form Products, INC.

·         Durant tool Company

·         Everett

·         Euromac

·         Eagle Bending Machines

·         L S Industries

·         Maruhide

·         Mazak

·         Messer

Commercial Capital Company, LLC offers lease financing options for fabrication equipment. Installation costs can be rolled into the lease for an added convenience. Fabrication and manufacturing equipment has a long life and most companies lean towards the $1 (dollar) buy-out-option. Paired with one of Commercial Capital’s Quarterly promotions, a company can save on the needed equipment and start their business on the fast track to more!

Ask us how Section 179 Deduction and help you save even more!

Leasing Options Include:

  • 24-60-month typical lengths
  • Seasonal payment plans
  • 90 Day Deferred Payments
  • Lease to Own
  • Dollar Buy Out Options
  • Fair Market Value
  • Vendor Buy Back 

For question regarding metal fabrication lease or purchase options, please contact:

Mitch Rice

Vice President
  •   Direct:  (913) 387-3202
  •   Mobile:  (913) 707-3654
  •   Fax:  (913) 273-0387
  •  E-mail:



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