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In this Podcast episode Camille Vieux Vice President of Sales at Commercial Capital Company shares how CCCKC specializes in providing vendors and business owners with creative, streamlined and cash flow friendly equipment lease financing.

Camille has twenty plus years of leasing experience. She has spent the last ten years with Commercial Capital where she believes in maintaining high customer service standards for both vendor partners and business customers. In this interview, she touches on the ups and downs in the US economy, how the recession of 2007-2008 affected equipment purchases across all industries and how Commercial Capital Company is able to help businesses survive tough times. She discusses strategic lease financing options and tips for growing business by acquiring the equipment needed to stay competitive and win new business opportunities.

Camille discusses the individual and personal approach to lease financing that has set Commercial Capital apart from other leasing companies. Commercial Capital does not rely on auto scoring to determine a customer credit worthiness. Instead, they look at the complete picture and consider factors like how long a company has been in business, what’s their past credit looks like, and what industry they do business in. Camille believes in building a “trust first” relationship with every customer and vendor. Building a solid relationship from the start allows her to determine what lease financing strategies will benefit the customer most.

Camille is a firm believer that the “Customer is Key”. CCCKC is a family owned business, managed by Mitch Rice and Larry Rice for the last twenty years. A truly independent leasing company, CCCKC allows its sales force to truly engage with their customers and vendors, providing a customized one on one approach rather than a one size fits all, structured program.

For vendors “CCCKC does all of the heavy lifting, so vendors can do what they do best, SELL!”. For business owners/customers “CCCKC helps ambitious business owners get back to work with the equipment they need to get the job done, grow revenue faster and smarter and keep their cash flow KING!”.

Lastly Camille explains the quarterly lease financing promotions that Commercial Capital offers:

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