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Equipment Leasing For Machinery and Fabrication Shops


Keep Your Cash









Get The Equipment You Need To Grow Your Business

Choose the commercial equipment you need from the seller of your choice. Our dedicated Lease Professionals will work to get you a quick lease approval on virtually any type of business equipment. We’ll find the best lease option for your credit profile. We work to achieve your business objectives, ensure competitive equipment lease rates, protect your lines of credit, and offer smaller down payments.

Because of our previous experience with heavy metal fabrication shops, We’re acutely aware of the challenges of maintaining positive cash flow which is critical to success. Leasing is the best way to keep your cash while acquiring new or used equipment to grow your business. At Commercial Capital, we create possibilities to fund your vision.




Advantages Of Lease Financing

  • 100% financing
  • Quick application process
  • Easier financing than loans
  • Minimum cash outlays
  • Flexible terms and options
  • Aggressive rates
  • No surprise fee


Financing Promotions

Leasing solutions for new and used equipment.


How to Apply

With this quick & easy Online Application, you’ll be directly connected to one of our Lease Specialists to determine your specific needs.

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Equipment Lease Options and Terms


$1 Buyout

Also called Abandonment Lease, Capital Lease, or Lease To Purchase where the lessee at the end of lease term owns the equipment for $1 or 10% purchase agreement. Use this option to cover 100% of the purchase price, taxes, shipping and have your equipment pay for itself whether the equipment is new or used.

Fair Market Value

Also called True Lease, at the end of the lease term the lessee has the option to purchase, upgrade, return or continue to lease the equipment. Use this lease option for off balance sheet accounting, it can cover 100% of the purchase price, taxes, shipping and lowers your monthly payments on new and used equipment.

Municipal Lease

Compatible with State, City, County, School District, and Government Agency Requirements. Use this lease option for essential-use equipment, at attractive rates, with ownership at the end of the lease.


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What We Do

We help you keep your working capital

Focused on customer service, we develop cost-effective lease structures designed to improve your working capital so you can concentrate on growing your business.


Who We Are

Your Steadfast Financing Partner Since 1988

We offer highly competitive financing, quick response time and an unmatched dedication to your company’s success. Get the new or used equipment you want, when you need it.

We value a straight forward way of doing business. Repeat customers, customer retention, and no hidden fees or end of lease traps are what makes the partnership with CCC so mutually prosperous.


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