Blue Valley Hospital: A Case Study of Lease Financing

Commercial Capital works individually with their clients providing a one on one personal approach to assist them with their financial needs. One of the company’s Commercial Capital assisted was Blue Valley Hospital.

Blue Valley Hospital was experiencing rapid growth and at that time Blue Valley Hospital utilized traditional loans from their banks. Unfortunately, the loans were not showing up on their off-balance sheets which reflected on their financial status. It was viewed that their liabilities and assets outweighed their profit. This created a challenge for Blue Valley Hospital to receive additional funding. Commercial Capital was able to offer fair market value leases that would remain on their off balance sheets. Also, instead of the traditional 20 or more page lease financing paperwork, Commercial Capital was able to offer Blue Valley Hospital a Master Lease. After the initial paperwork, each additional piece of equipment only required 1-page document and streamlining the financial process minimizing the amount of necessary paperwork.

Commercial Capital helped Blue Valley Hospital with equipment such as:

* Surgical Equipment
* IV Pumps
* Pharmaceutical Dispensary Machines
* Sterilization Washing Equipment

The medical industry is constantly changing, and it is vital that medical facilities have accessibility to the most recent medical equipment. When leasing through Commercial Capital, medical facilities such as Blue Valley Hospital are able to upgrade at the end of the lease or purchase the equipment with $1 Buyout option. Another benefit of leasing is medical facilities can take advantage of the Section 179 Tax Deduction.

For more information regarding Medical Equipment lease or purchase options, please contact:

Debbie George
Direct: (913) 387-5802



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